Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Recreating patina on a sample board, using home made paint

 A few weeks ago a prospective student emailed me this image and asked:  
 "I have an unpainted kitchen island that I would like to paint like this. I have tried to get this look on other furniture with normal paint, but up to now I have not been successful. Would I be able to achieve this paint finish on my kitchen island if I enrolled for the FARRAGOZ Patina PROJECTS Course?"

My answer was: "Yes, absolutely!"

Her next question was: "Will I have to complete the whole course first before I will be able to paint like this?"

My reply: "No, not at all. The recipes and techniques that you will need to paint and distress your piece of furniture to recreate this patina, are all in the first 2 modules of the course. After you have made the icon and the clock face, you will be equipped with the necessary skill to mix the right paints and colours to emulate the look of this kitchen island."

After our chat I decided that perhaps the best way to convince her that this paint finish is possible with the homemade paints from our course, would be to paint a sample as proof. So, that's exactly what I did.

The image she sent was not very clear, but I recognised it from an old VERANDA Magazine. No problem, as no VERANDA or WORLD OF INTERIORS ever gets to leave once they've entered our home. They always remain a great source of inspiration and I never tire of them.

So as soon as I found it, I set to work. I mixed several paints in the required colours and applied them. I decided to personalise the monogram and after painting it onto the board, it was time to get ruthless. True patina comes from a few hard knocks through the years and that's all part of our distressing process.

And this was the result!

She loved it and signed up straight away!


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