Monday, 18 August 2014

Recreating Patina on another sample board

I've had another one of those requests! 

Some of you may remember I had a prospective pupil a while ago, asking whether she would be able to obtain a certain finish on a piece of furniture, after doing the course. I set her mind at ease by making up a sample and blogging about it here.

About a week ago I received this image and more or less the same question accompanying it. 

At first I replied with a "Yes, of course ...", but then I thought I might as well go all the way and make up a sample to prove my point.

So, again I set to work. I added 2 short lengths of timber moulding to a piece of board and stained it with my homemade wood stain. 

After that I mixed 4 different colours of casein paint, using the recipe from our online course, and applied them in such a way that they would be easily distressed after they had dried. To add extra depth and warmth to the colours, I finished it with an oil glaze that I made myself and of which the recipe and instruction are available in Module 1 of  the FARRAGOZ Online Course.

This is what it finally looked like.

Close enough? What do you think?


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