Wednesday, 16 December 2015

FARRAGOZ has a new course!

It's called the FARRAGOZ Patina FINISHES Course and it consists of 24 26 finishes with step-by-step instructions.

Reproducing Antique Finishes

How often do you see a beautiful painted antique in a magazine and you so badly want to be able to recreate that finish, but you have no idea where to start? You can't even work out which colours to use. And what's the process?

Suitable For Beginners

These finishes look very difficult, right? And they can be.  For the past year, we have been painting and planning to come up with a process that will teach even a beginner how to do this online in a very user-friendly way. Finally, we compiled this new online course in which we have broken up every technique into small steps that explain in detail, by way of videos and text, how to do each step. 

How It Works

We believe learning should be fun and easy. That's why we follow a very logical and teachable process that starts with analysing the finish and ends with a finished sample board. With every step you finish, you just click "complete" and you will always know where you left off when next you return to continue. There is no way to get lost.

We take you through the process 24 26 times. Every time you make a different sample board and with every sample board, you gain more confidence. Soon you will be able to take a magazine and reproduce any finish by yourself.

Mixing Paint

The FARRAGOZ Patina FINISHES Course focuses on how to achieve various finishes on wood, using homemade primer, paints and sealers. 

We often get this question: "Isn't mixing your own paint very difficult?". Well, there is nothing as easy as opening a can of modern paint that is ready to use. The same goes for dried pasta, for instance. But can you really compare handmade fresh pasta with dried mass produced pasta? Of course not. Same with handmade paint. That is the way it was done hundreds of years ago and if you want an authentic look, that is the only way. 

So how difficult is it? It is not difficult at all. There is an easy process to follow. The difficulty only exists in your mind. Anything we are not familiar with always seems challenging. Anyone can learn to make pasta. It's flour and water, cut into strips. Nothing more. Same with paint. Before the very recent invention of modern paint in cans, mixing your own paint was as common as making pancakes - everyone could do it. If they could, so can you.

Who should do the course?

The Patina FINISHES Course is directed at furniture painters who wish to achieve a rich patina on wood that looks authentically old. This course goes beyond the application of paint. There are sections on how to set up a small studio space in your home, how to set goals, how to avoid chaos, how to do presentations for clients and much more. The Patina FINISHES Course is for both the hobby furniture up-cycler as well as the more professional furniture paint artists wanting to set themselves apart.

Already a FARRAGOZ student?

The Patina FINISHES Course can be taken in addition to the Patina PROJECTS Course, together or separately and in any order.

We've had such raving revues from students taking the Patina PROJECTS Course. Thank you very much for that. We hope this new course will exceed your expectations.

Happy Painting!


P.S. Two bonus finishes have been added to the initial 24 finishes since the launch of this course.

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