Tuesday 21 July 2015

Study of Patina in French Grey

Insider Tips on how to recreate French grey patina on wood.

Step 1

Start off by collecting inspirational images showing a rich patina in French Grey. Pinning these, like I did, on a Pinterest board specifically designated for this colour palette, works very well.

Step 2

Look at these in close-up. Note the amount of distressing of the paint on the flat surfaces and on the details of each piece. 


Step 3

Choose one finish that you think will work well on the piece you want to paint.

Step 4

Enlarge the image as much as possible without losing definition.

Learn to make your own milk paint and other paints at a fraction of the price of branded products

Gustavian chairs---paint Queen Anne chairs a white-washed gray for kitchen table



Step 5

Study the paintwork in detail to identify the different colours that have been exposed through natural ageing over the years.


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Chaise Reveuse


#Grey paint sample of home made paint in the FARRAGOZ Online Course. Make your own paint.



FARRAGOZ ~ The Art of Patina


Mäster Henriks: Idag är ingen vanlig dag...



FARRAGOZ ~ The Art of Patina

Learn to make your own milk paint and other paints at a fraction of the price of branded products

Roses via A Bohemian Life   

Jason Herings loft, Eindhoven, 2014 - Renee Arns Stylist & interior designer


Step 6

Look very closely again and identify in which sequence they were applied. By this I mean, decide which colour was painted first, second, third and so on. 

Step 7

Prepare your wood for painting. It will most certainly need sanding to some degree, even if you're using your homemade primer from Module Display Case.

Step 8

Mix the paints in the various shades of grey, using the recipes in Module Trumeau Mirror.

Step 9

Apply the different colour layers in the correct sequence, using a resist where needed as in Module Clock Face and Module Trumeau Mirror.

If you're going for a more subtly distressed look, follow the instructions in Module Display Case.

Step 10

Distress, always keeping your eye on the image you chose to work from. Stand back from time to time to view your piece from a distance and compare it to the image. Don't be afraid to distress "too much". You can always cover it up by adding another coat of the final colour where necessary followed by final distressing. 

Step 11

 Finally, seal your paintwork as we've shown you in the course, to create that extra rich patina.


Happy Painting!

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