Friday, 28 February 2014

You can make this: 3 Panel Screen

"Your decorative piece is an early-20th-century adaption of Italian Renaissance motifs. Hand-painted and carefully constructed, with gessoed wood panels, it was an expensive screen when crafted about 70 years ago. quality screens such as yours are very desirable to both collectors and decorators, so Robert Thomas, Boardmoor Antiques, Lambertville, NJ, sets its retail value at  $3,200 to $3,500."

I came across this in an article about what your treasures are worth while flipping through an old Metropolitan Home magazine, dated March/April 1995 (yes, even my magazines are old). I thought this would be something interesting to share with you as you can make this.

Materials you will need

Everything you need is explained in the Icon Project and the gold paint is from the Clock Face Project in the FARRAGOZ Patina PROJECTS Course. Furthermore you will need hinges and MDF board or re-purposed wood.

How to make the construction

The one in the picture was 8' high. It need not be as large. The general layout could be copied, but if this is going to be a smaller version to perhaps sit upon a dresser, I would lose the bottom 1/3. 16mm MDF (Supawood) board should work very well and you could use a jigsaw to do a cut-out, shaping the centre section and the legs. Alternatively, you could have your panels ready-cut by your supplier, having just 3 rectangular panels with the centre panel being slightly larger.


Attach the hinges before you start painting. Then unscrew them again, but leave the one side attached. Cover  the areas on the board where the other side of the hinges will go with little pieces of masking tape, exactly the size of the hinges, to act as placeholders. You can now get paint on the hinges and when you are done, they will also look nice and old. Remember to cover the screws with paint when you are done.

Finally apply paints and ageing techniques from the course and you could have yourself a prized possession that can be turned into a nice sum of cash.


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