Sunday, 31 December 2017

FARRAGOZ Student of 2017

We have never chosen a student of the year before. I do not like the idea of saying one person's work is better than that of another. We do not have classes and exams like in normal schools. Learning anything online is very difficult. You need an extraordinary amount of motivation just to keep going.

Our mission is to do everything we can to make sure every student gets enough from our courses to change their lives. But often what we do is not enough.

A few days ago I read through the British New Year Honours list for 2018. In case you do not know, the British parliament recognises successful people in different fields for their contribution and the Queen bestows titles on them. In short, it is the making of knights and dames.  I read that in a lot of cases, they were not only honoured for their achievements, but for their efforts to change the lives of others such as through charity work and educational programs. One such person is the first Briton in space, Helen Sharman, who joins the Order of St Michael and St George, for her long-standing commitment to educational outreach in science and technology.

So I thought to myself, which FARRAGOZ student in 2017 stands out as doing not only exceptional work but also gave back to others.

Our student of the year is without hesitation Moacyr Santizo. Moacyr enrolled in the Patina FINISHES Course only 4 months ago and is a very talented painter. He works hard and produces a lot of his own work. He never hesitates to try new techniques and recipes. But that is only half the story because a lot of students do that. We see the work they produce in their shops.

What makes Moacyr different is his dedication to help others in his group. When he paints samples or furniture, he shares in his group, an extremely detailed analysis of the techniques including what he found difficult, his workaround, whether he was satisfied with the result or not and what he would do differently in the future.

He is always first to welcome new members to the group and always gives excellent feedback on their questions. This takes time and effort from him and we appreciate it.

So, Moacyr, congratulations on being our student of the year!

To all our other students producing beautiful patina throughout this year, well done, thank you for sharing your magnificent work with us and keep it up.

To those students who had life happening to them in 2017 and could not produce those patinas they dreamed of, drop me a line and let's give it another go in 2018.

To everybody, thanks for your loyal support throughout the year. We would like to wish you all a healthy, happy and successful 2018!



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